Lent is for Loving Your Neighbours

Neighbourhood prayer for lent

This year Lent falls a little earlier on the 10th of February. Get your hands on a great Lent resource, designed for individuals, home/life groups or whole church engagement. 

The Neighbourhood Prayer Network have written a great 20 page-long resource, helping to devote your prayers to the people who live around you and the environment around your home. 

Imagine what an intense 40 day period of prayer and action would do to change your street...

What's in it?
Each week has a scripture and one neighbour challenge for the week. For those of us who would like to do one small thing each day (Sunday's excluded as a day of rest) There are an additional 33 suggestions for you. There are also 7 prayer themes each week. For those wanting to dig deeper into scripture, there is a reflection about the scripture and some questions to make you think about how the scripture relates to your neighbourhood.

How do I get one?
We've stocked up on copies of the resource and these will be available from the church from the first week in February. Please help yourselves and make good use of them.

Back in March of last year, pioneer of the Neighbourhood Prayer Network, Rebekah Brettle vistited WBC and shared her vision of having every street in the UK covered in Christian prayer. Rebekah spoke about the effectiveness of praying for our neighbours and the positive outcomes happening across the country. You can listen to her talk here.

If you didn't get your hands on a copy of 'Neighbours Transform your Street!', a few copies are still available in church for  £5.00  £3.00! Full of fascinating facts and testimonies, it offers inspiration on how local churches can engage with local streets and draw closer to Jesus in the process.

WBC, 21/01/2016

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