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Tuesday 29th March 2016

Storm Katie was behind the first delay when the M25 was closed resulting in stressful detours. Then the flight was delayed and we ended up having to walk miles to our gate. But it gave us a delightful opportunity to meet and get to know some of our fellow missioners.

After another very short night's sleep in Nairobi followed by a short (but delayed) flight, we were again delayed in Kissumu because the police had set up a road block (allegedly to collect bribes!) preventing our buses from reaching the airport. But how delightful that a local school on an outing to the airport lent us their buses allowing us to rendezvous with ours out of sight of the constabulary. Thank you, Lord, for working all things for good.

Our first real team time was over a superb lunch at a delightful resort on Lake Victoria (with a bit of bird & hippo spotting thrown in for those so inclined). It was a deep joy to see the team all together representing many different nations - Canada, USA, Norway, S Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe as well as a good number from UK - about 50 in all. Then the slow, bone-rattling, bum numbing, dusty, sweltering ascent on half-made roads through the rolling hills and lush green landscape to Kakamega, our mission base, with seemingly all of Kenya's commerce and social life taking place right by the roadside. The puzzled stares, bright smiles, friendly waves and cries of "Mazungu" as these lovely people pause to watch our passing - thank you Lord for these blessings.

Weary, sweaty but excited (and late) we're here. After dinner, many introductions - first, the Kenyan Children's Project (KCP) team, eight people based here overseeing the many different aspects of the project reaching out to street children, orphans and widows and those in poverty, relative or absolute. Their motivation? The Father-heart of God poured into each of them and flowing out from them with such grace, integrity and professionalism.

Next, some of the Kenyan team who work full time in the community, visiting homes, hearing the stories, liaising with the authorities to bring hope and lasting transformation to individuals and families.

And finally, some of the children, like Victor, who was scavenging on the streets and sniffing glue when he was first found but has just passed his exams with the highest marks in the county and has been given a scholarship to one of the best schools in Nairobi. Or Joyce, now 12, whose father died and mother abandoned her five years ago leaving her with a grandmother unable to cope. Now she has a new family at Koinonia and is happy, well-adjusted and making such good progress at school.

More Lord!

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Neil Spencer, 30/03/2016

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