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When you renounce doubt, that's when the healing comes


Friday 1st April 2016

Worship time is a key part of our day to get our hearts in tune with our amazing God and his ways. I woke early with the song 'He's a good, good Father' going round in my head so it was no great surprise that it formed a central theme of our worship and prepared us to expect great things to flow from his goodness to the people we would be meeting. I was challenged to renounce doubts and disappointments and affirm my faith in God's agenda of bringing heaven to earth.

Shivakala is a village set around a school compound 30 minutes bumpy drive from the town of Kakamega. KCP have been working there for several years and have seen great changes in the amenities and in the lives of the people. We were greeted by the children singing and dancing with such beaming faces. They were then split up into groups for some workshops covering jiggers (a type of burrowing parasite) prevention, HIV/aids awareness, personal hygiene, first aid and Bible reading & prayer. This last was attended by about 60 children of all ages of whom about 20, mostly very young, said they didn't know Jesus. A few of us took them out of the classroom and shared the gospel with them in very simple terms through an interpreter. They listened so attentively and each one put their hand up and prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord. Heaven came to earth for those young ones as we prayed for them to receive the Holy Spirit.

Later, our group of seven, together with interpreters, manned a prayer space under the trees. We had a steady stream of school teachers and children coming for prayer for all manner of needs, physical and financial. We saw a man with neck and back pain healed instantly - he was also asking for financial means to enable his two sons to go to university and we believe his healling was a sign that God will provide.

Next came Wilfrida who has been suffering from back pain for three years and despite x-rays and scans and many pain killers, had not been healed. We prayed to our good Father and commanded the pain to leave in Jesus' name. After a few minutes we asked her to do something she couldn't do before so she bent down and touched her toes - her pain had gone completely. A while later she returned with her whole class of 16 year olds and asked us to pray for them all.

Another man asked for prayer for a permanent government teaching post as the pay he was receiving wasn't enough to support him and his wife. He also asked us to pray for deafness in his left ear which he'd had since age two. We spent quite some time praying and he had received a measure of healing (hard to tell how much as it was quite noisy) so we felt emboldened to believe that his financial needs would also be met.

Later we visited a lady called Redempta who we had met last year. She was seriously handicapped and found it very difficult to care for her twin girls of about four years old but KCP built her a new house, sponsored her girls' school fees and taught her how to cook and clean. Despite her dificulties she has made amazing progress and gave us such a hearty welcome with the biggest, whitest smile you ever saw.

Back at the hotel we shared time with Bishop Simon, one of KCP's directors in Kakamega who spoke of the origins of the charity. We also heard from Rogers, one of the first street boys taken into Koi. He's now 23 and about to complete a course in fashion and design - so self assured and confident, so grateful to God and KCP for rescuing him from darkness and despair.

You're a good, good Father, it's who you are!

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Neil Spencer, 02/04/2016

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