Ezekiel 47 is a prophetic message about a river - the river of God - that flows from the altar in the temple of God. This river, as it flows, gets ever broader and deeper and it brings life and enrichment. It teems with life and brings fruit wherever it flows.

This is also a picture of the church and the work of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Out of the church flows the work of the Spirit on earth. When a church is truly connected to the Spirit of God, His Spirit flows in ministry-first through the church and then out the doors into the surrounding community, bringing life and fruit wherever it flows.

How does a church become filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit of God? There is only one way: through prayer. The Spirit’s working doesn’t come through gaining Bible knowledge, though that’s important. It doesn’t come through learning about leadership, though that’s important. The Spirit’s work doesn’t come through dynamic small groups or the latest church growth ideas, though they are important, too. The transforming, life-giving work of the Holy Spirit only comes through powerful prayer. It comes through becoming a prayer-saturated church.
(Jonathan Graf, founder of Pray! Magazine)
  • Prayer Room: The Prayer Room is open for your use during office hours as a quiet place to pray away from home. No need to book.
  • Prayer Meetings: Our church Prayer Meeting is on Sunday Mornings at 8-45am for 1 hour. There is also an early morning Prayer Time on Friday at 6am.
  • PrayerWeb: Sign up for free text message prayer alerts by texting the word prayerweb to 07786200350. To send a prayer alert or to unsubscribe please contact the office.
  • 24/7 Prayer: We regularly hold a 24-7 prayer week. Our last was at the beginning of advent in December. Check back soon for details of the next one!
  • Counselling: Need to talk to someone? Want to find out more about counselling options? We recommend the local Counsel for LIFE team. Click here to go to their website.

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